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How do I join a LIVE session?

Click on any LIVE session title in the schedule to visit the session page. You'll find a button called "Join Live Session" that will take you directly to Zoom. You can also create reminders in Google, Outlook, or Yahoo Calendar to set reminders and join each session.

There are no special codes or passwords to remember since these are built into the "Join Live Session" button. However, if you need these, you'll find them directly below the Join button.

What security features are enabled to ensure safety during the sessions?

All Zoom sessions require a password that is embedded into the "Join Live Session" button and every calendar link (Google, Outlook, Yahoo.) When you click the "Join Live Session" button, the password is automatically submitted, but outsiders cannot enter the meeting by guessing the meeting code or "Zoom-Bombing" the session. Additionally, ICDA has enabled the Waiting Room feature of each Zoom session as well as automatic muting, and we have disabled screen sharing and private chat. As a final security measure, an ICDA technical representative will be present in every session to ensure security and promptly remove any unwarranted access or unwelcome behavior.

We have specifically *not* publicized specific Zoom meeting codes and passwords to improve meeting security. If you wish to share session information with colleagues and friends on social media, please share the session page URL or media graphic.

Do I need to download Zoom to participate?

Downloading Zoom is recommended, but not required, since all LIVE sessions will take place in individual Zoom rooms. When you visit any session page, click "Join Zoom Session" to automatically open Zoom (link is embedded in the text.) A new tab will open where you will be prompted to open the Zoom app or download the app if you have don't already have Zoom. You do not have to create a Zoom account to use the app.

If you cannot or prefer not to download Zoom, there is also an option to join the session via your web browser when you click "Join Zoom Session." LIVE sessions will also be streamed to the ICDA Facebook Event if you are a member of the ICDA group on social media.

Will the LIVE sessions be recorded?

Yes, all LIVE sessions will be recorded for anyone to view at a later time on our website. You'll find these videos on each session page within 1-2 weeks of the conference along with resources and handouts provided by the presenters.

Can I make my own recordings of sessions?

No. Local/personal screen recording is strictly prohibited, and there is no valid reason to do so. LIVE sessions will be recorded by ICDA and available on our website within a few days. You are welcome to share our videos and content with colleagues as long as you don't claim material as your own -- we encourage you to share links to our virtual conference website and download resources from presenters who have granted permission.

All conference material is strictly the intellectual property of the respective presenter(s) affiliated with ICDA. Unauthorized recording, duplication, or redistribution is prohibited.

Will sessions be live-streamed on social media?

Yes! All LIVE sessions will be streamed to the ICDA Facebook Event. The ICDA Facebook group is available to any ICDA member. Non-members and out-of-state members can request to join the Facebook group temporarily for the purpose of the live-stream and leave the group after the conference. An active Facebook account is required for the live-stream option.


Do I need to register again or for each session?

No. Participants only need to register ONCE so we have record of your attendance to verify PGP/CTU credits. Accessing LIVE sessions is easy! Click on any session title in the schedule to visit the session page. Look for a button called "Join Live Session" that will take you directly to Zoom. Alternatively, you can create reminders in Google, Outlook, or Yahoo Calendar to join each session. For those participants looking for Zoom codes, you will find these on each session page, but you shouldn't need them if you click the "Join Live Session" link.

How much does registration cost?

ICDA is proud to offer our 2020 Virtual Conference FREE OF CHARGE for anyone inside or outside the state of Indiana who is interested in professional development for choral directors. If you like what we offer, we ask that you sing proudly in your choir, direct with passion, and Join/Renew your membership in the American Choral Directors Association to receive resources throughout the year and support our cause.

Do I have to be a member of IN-ACDA to participate in the conference?

No! Membership is not required, but highly encouraged to help support endeavors like the 2020 Virtual Conference. You can join/renew ACDA membership online or check your membership status anytime. PGP/CTU certificates will be provided to all participants who register. We are so excited to include so many out-of-state and non-members at the 2020 Virtual Conference!

The ICDA zone map is weird. / How do I know my "area?"

We apologize if any of our previous maps were confusing. If you're not sure which Meet & Greet to join, find your county in the updated ISSMA map on any of the Social Meet & Greet pages. These maps are suggestions based on your county of employment or where you live. If you're not sure, just join any (or all) the Meet & Greet sessions that you have time for. We would love to have as many members as possible join us in our Social Hours, even if you are from out-of-state. We would love to meet you!

The discrepancy in maps was due to the way ICDA interprets the division of our state by the Indiana State School Music Association. ISSMA divides the state into eight "areas," and there is one representative from each area on our board. ICDA has a special map of each area split in half (A/B) for the purpose of creating All-State audition sites. We incorrectly used this All-State map during registration and each Meet & Greet page.

Hopefully the new map makes more sense. Again, we would love to see you in any or all sessions during the conference.

When will I receive my PGP/CTU certificate?

Certificates will be sent via email within several days of the final session. Be sure to register to receive your certificate! ICDA will verify 20 hours or points on the certificate. If your employer or institution requires a full schedule, you can copy or print this information from the LIVE session page or the home page.

If you registered and have not received your certificate by July 7, please double-check your spam folder. If you still can't find the document, please email Ryan Knight at

Will I still earn all 20 of the PGP points if I can only attend one day of the conference?

Yes, all certificates will verify 20 hours/points. We appreciate your attendance and participation. Since all sessions will be recorded, we feel confident that participants will want to browse our library of LIVE and pre-recorded sessions as well as reading lists, digital resources, and references to reach or surpass the 20-point expectation (even if you are only able to attend one day of LIVE sessions.)

How long will the ICDA Virtual Conference website be available?

All materials and videos on the 2020 ICDA Virtual Conference website will be available for approximately one year, or as long as the presenters have allowed. We may redesign our website or add more material in the future. Most Google documents will allow a user to "make a copy" if authorized by the owner.


Do I need a camera? / Do I need to turn my camera ON? / Will I be recorded?

We encourage participants to enable their camera to interact with the presenters, but this is NOT required. Only the active speaker is recorded in Zoom sessions, so you will not be part of the recording or live-stream unless you unmute and speak. Other participants will be able to see any active camera feed in the participant gallery, so keep this in mind if you have a camera and turn it on.

I can't hear anyone.

If you aren't able to hear, double check your volume to make sure it is turned up. If you still aren't able to hear, please visit the Zoom support page for the audio source you plan to use:

My Zoom session is frozen.

The live feed may be temporarily interrupted for a variety of reasons. Try the following, and if you're still having problems, email us at or try again later.

  • Presenter and all participants are frozen -- Your internet connection may be poor. Try moving closer to your wireless router or plug into it directly with an ethernet cable. If you are using a laptop or mobile device, make sure it is plugged into an energy source for optimal performance. Also, try closing other applications that may be diminishing performance.

  • Only the presenter is frozen -- The presenter may be having technical difficulties, and the Host will likely assist. Please be patient with us during our first virtual conference experience.

The Pre-recorded video is slow (or doesn't play at all.)

Make sure you are running the latest version of Google Chrome to view all pre-recorded content. Safari is NOT recommended -- Users often report video playback issues when using Safari due to how that program loads videos. Video buffer/load speeds depend on several factors including device type (desktop or laptop recommended), internet provider, and distance from wireless access point.

If you've checked to make sure you are running Google Chrome on a computer and you're still experiencing difficulty viewing videos, please email with a specific description of your problem. Our typical response time is between 5-30 minutes, but could be longer during periods of intense web traffic at the virtual conference. We apologize for the inconvenience!

The Google Slides are going way too fast!

Pressing the "play" button may result in the slides cycling too quickly. Instead, click the left and right arrows to scroll through any Google Slides presentation. If a slide includes a mini-video, click the "play" button on any video to play it.

I cannot access a resource due to "haring restrictions.

Please email or if you are unable to access documents or videos due to sharing restrictions. All online resources should be available to anyone on the internet without signing into a Google account, but the presenter/owner may have recently changed sharing settings. We will fix this promptly!

I still have a technical problem or question. What should I do?

If you're still having problems, email us at Our response time is generally between 5-30 minutes (depending on traffic and workload). Our technical support may be able to offer a solution via email or correct a problem with our website.